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By Invitation

On the verge of a career defining deal, Gene Timbault, a driven, tough-minded, corporate executive, discovers that something is seriously amiss with his health. It takes an escape to the jungles of Central America, and into the hitherto uncharted wilds deep within himself, to find that all may not be lost for our self-conquering hero.

Statement of the Director

What is it that makes a Mother Teresa or a Gandhi, and who or what has molded each of them? Is it a divine beckoning, or the effects of Society; perhaps family? If it is some kind of inner vocation, and we decide to answer it, then by what means might we follow our calling? Maybe by becoming part of something larger? Further, what is the result of becoming such a person? And what of those who have no desire for such a mission and yet experience trials and tribulations that induce them to acquire an understanding, even a draw, to these alternate lifestyles?

One such person is Gene Timbault, our hero ultimately, who, only by confrontating his own mortality, awakens to a new world; one completely unbeknownst to him. Still, the question persists: Would Gene have been able to change his mind and his heart if he had not known his life and way of life to be at risk?

Living Lost is an adventure through two worlds: the first, a metropolitan corporate realm of high finance; the second, a rural, no frills, salt of the earth, nature-based domain. In our story, it takes Gene’s desperation to cling to life itself in order to discover a new way of being, and its associated lifestyle. Which one is more appealing? The span of choice is as vast as the stars – You decide. Enjoy!